The world is full of sales imposters seeking to fill sales positions. These imposters carry with them experience, education and tales of success to persuade any manager they come across that they are sales super stars. Most managers and business owners have fallen for the smooth talk and trickery of these sales imposters.

Good Intentions, Bad Choices

Why do these, well intentioned and highly experienced, business leaders end up hiring these sales imposters? There are various reasons which are all tied to the conventional approach to hiring.

The conventional approach depends on resume, interviewing skills of the candidate, past record, employer references and how likability of the candidate. This approach may get you a great candidate but mainly it is inspite of the approach rather than because of the approach.

The general assumptions behind the conventional sales recruitment approach is that a candidates past performance elsewhere will be replicated in your organization. The other assumption is that candidates resume attractiveness is an indicator of the candidates greatness in the game of selling. The third assumption is that if the candidate performs well in an interviewing session they will perform equally well in a sales situation.

These assumptions have been proven wrong over and over in every industry unfortunately for lack of better alternative many managers and business owners have stuck with the conventional recruitment approach.

From Analogue to Analogue

Those that have decided to do it differently generally opt for the poaching from the competitors approach as well as hiring on basis on references by other parties such as recruitment agencies, friends, customers and suppliers. The main assumption behind this approach is that other people know better than us how to hire great sales people. There have been successes with this approach though in many cases it has been to do with luck rather than the soundness of the approach. Studies have shown that there are minimal differences in the quality of candidates you get between this approach and the conventional hiring approach.

……………. And Finally to Digital

The hiring approach that we recommend is the strategic recruitment approach is the definitive approach for selecting and engaging top sales talent. The basic assumptions of this approach are: no two sales organizations require similar sales talent and therefore you have to be clear on what kind of a salesperson to look for as the starting point, use of scientific and objectives tools to determine a candidates sales aptitude are better than the subjective judgment of the interviewer and lastly great recruitment goes beyond the interviewing session.

The Strategic Recruitment Approach is the methodology that Growth Partners uses to recruit for its clients. This approach is highly successful with new candidates hired outperforming existing sales people as well as getting sales stars who would rarely make it to an interviewing panel due to inferior resume or lack of industry experience.

This is the approach we would like to offer to you. You can arrange for a presentation session.

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