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Sales Aptitude and Personality Tests mostly referred to as sales psychometric tests are an integral part of sales recruitment, sales training, sales motivation, and overall sales force management

Sales Personality and Aptitude Scores :
Hire the Best Sales Talent
Develop Your Sales Strengths
Align Traits to the Right Roles
Build an Effective Sales Team

Sales Aptitude Tests

Sales Aptitude Tests evaluate whether the salesperson/ sales manager has the mental aptitude that is required to excel in a given sales environment. This may entail high competition, performance targets, and frequent rejection among other stressful job factors.

Sales Personality Testing

This evaluates ones behavioral tendencies which affect how well they fit in various work environments, relate with others including customers, collegues and bossess as well approach various work tasks.

Lumina Sales Solutions

This is the global best self-development psychometric tool helping one to discover and understand various traits in their personality and in-depth insights and advice on how to improve oneself in work and life.

Don’t Fall for an Impostor again

helping you identify sales Candidates who are the best match for your organization, Products, and market

These candidates:
Follow up opportunities consistently;
Require less supervision;
Take up more responsibility;
Not easily discouraged by problems and obstacles;
More confident and assured in their ability;
Learn new skills quickly and start producing faster;
Give fewer excuses for non-performance;
Have more personal initiative.

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Hire Only the Best Sales Talent

The Sales Aptitude Test is an evaluation tool designed to objectively assess the critical qualities for success in a sales, sales management/sales-related job.

Candidates with high sales aptitude outsell people who don’t have them by up to 88 %. They stay in a sales position at least twice as an average salesperson. This is because they are:

Among the average group of sales job applicants, only 2 out of every 10 highly screened sales candidates will have these qualities. Unfortunately, these traits are rarely noticeable. That is why candidates who impress during interviews fail to deliver at work because you cannot pick these qualities in an ordinary interview session. 

That is why we use Sales Aptitude Testing which has at least 70% capacity to identify the productivity potential of a sales candidate. 


Selling To The Government

Sell Effectively to the National Government, County Governments, Parastatals, Constitutional Bodies and other Public Institutions


Modern Trade Selling
HORECA Selling
Van Selling
Key Account Management
Selling to Institutions


Selling to Hospitals
Selling to Doctors
Selling to Retailers
Time Management
Relationship Management
Self Management


Solution Selling
Make Your Price Sell
Managing the Buying Cycle
Overcoming Buying Obstacles Selling to Key StakeHolders

Lumina Sales

Sales Personality Tests for
Self Development

Self Knowledge is the highest knowledge in sales. When you know your traits you can plan how to improve yourself as well as which strengths you can leverage in various sales situations.

Knowing yourself you can discover the most natural selling style for you and therefore work to become the best version of yourself rather than trying to copy other people.

Knowing yourself will also help you understand why you behave the way you do in sales situations and can anticipate and rehearse the most appropriate action against your self-sabotage tendencies.

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