Growth Partners is rated by many sales managers and business owners as the best sales training company Kenya .The firm offers sales  courses such as basic sales and marketing courses,  corporate sales training and public sector sales courses.

We also offer cutting edge sales talent selection  solutions ranging from comprehensive  sales recruitment services to sales aptitude testing and sales personality profiling as well as sales on-boarding solutions for new sales hires.

Growth Partners will also help you in mapping sales processes, design sales management structures, develop and execute results focused sales plans and strategy.

We have worked with thousands of sales people and managers across many industries and sectors in Eastern Africa- including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan.

Localized Global Best Practices

No one understands the main causes of the sales challenges big and small companies experience and the best solutions for each of those challenges. We go beyond prescription to practical implementation of the solutions we recommend.

Our sales courses are built around global best practices, customized for the local context and delivered to address individualized training needs and requirements.

Sales Consultancy Methodologies

We incorporate methodologies, tools and latest best practices to address every sales and business growth challenge a firm might be experiencing. We have worked with thousands of sales people and managers across many industries and sectors in Eastern Africa to build an in-depth understanding of problems businesses face and the best combination of solutions to adopt to resolve them.

Clients who have consumed our sales consultancy services have enjoyed these benefits:

  • Sales increase by up to 300%
  • Sales People achieving sales targets
  • Reduction of Sales Team Turnover
  • Higher Value Deals Closed
  • Big savings in sales recruitment costs
  • Coherent sales efforts

Best Sales Training Company in Kenya


Free Sales Improvement Services & Tools

Sales Motivation Talks
If you want to motivate and energize your team through a professional speaker then you can use Sam Kariuki, the country’s leading sales consultant and sales performance expert.

Training Needs Analysis
We analyse the competencies of your teams both for sales reps and managers. Based on the TNA, we make recommendations for training at no extra charge.

Sales Management tools
We provide various tools and templates that can be useful in managing your sales force.

Sales Consultancy Clients

Our clients are in all sectors, industries and vary in size. They include:

  • Large Mobile Telecommunication Companies
  • Mid-Sized Manufacturers
  • Professional Services Providers
  • Trading Companies
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Marketing Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • International Development Agencies
  • Local NGOs
  • Social Entreprises

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