Sales Personality Tests: How to Hire the Right Salesperson for Your Business

The world is full of sales imposters seeking to fill sales positions. These imposters carry with them experience, education, and tales of success to persuade any manager they come across that they are sales superstars. Most managers and business owners have fallen for the smooth talk and trickery of these sales imposters. Why Conventional Selection […]

Recruiting Sales People: How to Hire Without Regrets

Recruiting salespeople is one of the most difficult of all sales management tasks. Whether you are a business owner, human resource manager, sales manager, or a recruitment agent you have tales of how you hired a seemingly great candidate who never performed. Many of us blame the candidate for deceiving us and will rarely take […]

Sales Training Programs: How to Get the Best Results from it

Why Sales Training Programs Fails  It has been observed that over 90% of all lessons learned in a sales course are lost within 90 days. Actually, many businesses do not observe any meaningful change in attitude and behavior after their salespeople go through a sales skills development course. Many people use this as an excuse […]

How to Keep Your Top Performers and Reduce High Sales Force Turnover

High salesperson turnover can cripple sales productivity. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems that turnover is on the rise. Turnover results anytime a salesperson leaves a position, either through termination of employment (both voluntary and involuntary) or transfer (when the salesperson is promoted or moved to another position in the same firm). Some turnover is positive. A […]

Getting Your Sales Ready to Thrive During The Pandemic

Unprecedented Unprecedented is a very common word today. It is being used in unprecedented ways to describe the current situation. I will use it once more to describe the current situation sales managers, businesses and sales people are struggling with. Sales as a profession has never dealt with anything like this in modern history. Sales […]

Overcoming the Mid-Sized Sales Challenge

For over a decade years the Nation Media Group and KPMG Audit firm have recognized excellence in the mid-sized businesses in the country. Their definition of mid-sized business are firms whose annual turnover is above Kshs 50 Million. These firms are from diverse industries. Some are old players, some are family businesses, and some are […]

One Trait that Distinguishes a Great Salesperson from an Ordinary One.

There is no tougher position to fill than sales. It is the position where people hire with a lot of optimism which is quickly replaced by disappointment. Many candidates who come for sales interviews dress right, say the right thing and appear to be the real deal. They talk of their past records and demonstrate […]

A Sick Sales Force: Here is the Diagnosis

Give me the five top reasons why many organizations have weak sales teams! A senior manager recently asked me during a training session.  This is a question every sales manager, chief executive or business needs to have answers top of his mind. If you are not aware of the causes for sales failure you are […]

The First Love in Business

Stay hungry, stay foolish is the closing line of Steve Jobs famous speech to the graduating class of Stanford University. This was a powerful call to some of the brightest brains in the world to have an unquenchable thirst for learning and ambition to achieve more. It is a call to everyone in business- entrepreneurs, […]

Sales Hiring Mistakes that Cost Businesses Millions

Sales managers have given up on it. Business owners don’t know what to do about it. Recruiters and headhunters are avoiding it. Human Resource managers have decided to outsource it. What is this? It is the job of getting the right salespeople to hire. Why is hiring right such a difficult task for business people […]