Druckerism: Effective Managers Vs Ineffective Managers

10 Feb
by Sam,

No management guru has contributed more to management wisdom than Peter Drucker. I tried to imagine Drucker sitting for a management exam.  The question he is required to answer is:

Contrast Ineffective managers from effective managers (20 Marks)

Here are his answers.

Ineffective Manager Effective Manager
1. Focus on the job ; 1. Focus on Results;
2. Take whatever the job throws their way; 2. Have well chosen priorities;
3. Busy with problem solving; 3. Busy with exploiting opportunities;
4. Manages others, but poor in self management; 4. Great in self mastery and manage themselves;
5. Place heavy demands on others and lighter ones on self; 5. Set higher standards for self than for others;
6. Need more resources to get higher results; 6. Maximizes on current results before asking for more;
7. Works with knowledge gained in the past; 7. Committed to Improve, questions past knowledge and gain new knowledge;
8. Impressed by right answers for wrong questions; 8. Ask right questions even if there are no correct answers;
9. They are job holders; 9. They are entrepreneurs;
10. They take the manager’s position as an achievement and power status; 10. They hold managers position as a responsibility to create value and make things better;
11. They rely on positional power to get action; 11. They get buy-in through effective communication;
12. They make it harder for people to work; 12. They make it easier for people to realize personal and organizational goals;
13. They seek to improve mediocrity and non-performance by working on weaknesses; 13. They seek to improve excellence by building on strengths;
14. They have no understanding of time; 14. They make the most of the time they have;
15. They take the easy way in decision making; 15. They choose right decisions over easy ones;
16. Always working on their weaknesses. 16. Always improving on their strengths.


Do you agree with Drucker ?

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