The Sales Person’s Guide to Surviving Covid 19 Course

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Free Online Sales Training Course to Help You Thrive and Excel During Covid

This online sales course is part of our effort to support our clients and all sales professionals seeking out ways to survive (and probably thrive) in the ongoing Covid 19 crisis. We are offering this course for free. 

If you own a business or manage a sales team you can ask your salespeople to take this short course on whichever device they use to access the internet using this link

After going through the course the salesperson will:

  1. Be equipped to analyze their current sales situation and come up with ways to respond effectively;
  2. Have an optimistic outlook in the midst of the crises leading to higher sales drive;
  3. See emerging opportunities in his or her situation;
  4. Manage existing customers better leading to retention of possible opportunities for new business;
  5. Have an objective view of their pipeline and determine what to do to invigorate it.

The course addresses some sales competencies the salesperson should start developing.

You can recommend it to every salesperson you know- whether an employee, colleague, or friend.

Business owners and sales managers might also find it helpful especially when having conversations with their sales teams.

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