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Experts in Sales Training, Recruitment and Strategies to Increase Sales in Kenya

About Us

Growth Partners respect the needs and expectations of its employees and clients. Growth Partners does not discriminate against clients, employees, or suppliers.

  • Sales training
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales management structures development
  • Sales growth strategy
  • Sales force recruitment
  • Sales psychometrics testing
  • Sales academy development
  • Sales enablement support.

Why Growth Partners

Commitment to Sales Results: Growth Partners is the only consultancy firm in the region specializing in sales performance improvement. While there are a few sales training firms in the market, we are the only players in the field who view sales training as a component of a bigger engine that drives sales results. As such, our training approaches are focused on achieving company sales results.

Our Philosophy: Sales Training is an investment that must be judged on its ROI. As such all aspects of the training from training design, delivery, and post-training reinforcements must take this into account. The methodologies, activities, and tools must all align to maximize the ROI on sales training spend.

Approaches: We use training development and delivery approaches that are based on global best practices customized for the individual business context. This is unlike other players who are tied to methodologies that though great where they were developed are not practical in the local context.

Sales problems we solve

  • Non-performing sales team
  • Stagnated sales
  • Low conversion rates
  • Losing to cheaper competitors
  • High team turnover
  • Unstructured sales approach
  • Lack of selling skills
  • Hiring wrong sales people
  • Sales competitiveness
  • Long ramp-up time

Results enjoyed by our clients

  • Sales improvement by upto 300%
  • More salespeople achieving targets
  • Reduction in sales team turnover
  • New hires start producing quickly
  • Improved closing rates
  • Increase in closed deal size
  • Increase returns on sales investments

Our Industries

Sale More

Targets Achievement Increased Sales Revenues Acquisition of Larger Accounts
Higher Profits Profitable Deals Bigger Deals

Sell Better

More Value From Clients Richer Pipelines Shorter Sales Cycles More Engaged Sales People Improved Closing Rates Happier Customers.

Sell Professionally

Better Territory Coverage More Decision Makers Engaged More Sales People Achieving Targets Reduction in Sales Team Turnover New Hires Start Producing Quickly

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