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How Past Participants’ Described the Course

……….Candid and Insightful……

……eye Opening and practical……

……………..simplifies public sector selling…..

Course Objectives

  1. Equip participants with competencies for selling more, faster, and delighting the customers;
  2. Provide the participant with a methodology to identify customers buying criteria and consequently create value to match this criterion;
  3. Inspire and provide techniques for self-motivation in the highly competitive real estate market;
  4. Equip the salespeople with skills for effective management of enquiring clients from initial contact, through effective follow-up to closing.

Course Modules

1. The Real Estate Market
4. How to Get Clients
7. Aligning Value to Customers’ Interests
2. The Psychology of Property Buyer
5. Art of Property Selling
8. Handling Objections
3. The Property Sales Star
6. Nurturing Prospects
7. Getting Purchase Commitment

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