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Sales Skills on the Go

2 Hour Sales and Marketing Training Courses
That Will Improve Your Numbers

You want quick results from your sales team. You want practical techniques that can be easily put into action in your organization. You want measurable results that can be tracked.

To get these outcomes you require a lot of time and a big budget -so you think. It does not have to be.

Growth Partners, the most respected Sales Performance Improvement Consultancy firm has designed the right solution to your sales challenges.

We have developed 2 Hour Sales Courses that are focused on specific sales competencies that determine success throughout the sales cycle.

Each 2 Hour Session will cover one of the following sales competencies:

  1. The Science of Hitting Sales Targets
  2. The Art of Cold Calling
  3.  Strategic Follow-up
  4.  Pipeline Management
  5.  Closing Mastery
  6.  Persuasion Strategies
  7.  Effective Sales Presentations
  8. Shortening the Sales Cycle
  9.  Lead Generation Mastery
  10. Phone Selling
  11. Mental Resilience in Sales
  12. Image Sells

The courses will be tailored to your business.

The courses will be delivered in your office. You could take multiple courses.

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