11 Sales Management Lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson

10 Feb
by Sam,

I am not a Manchester United fan. Actually, I am excited that Sir. Alex Ferguson has retired. Despite my dislike for SAF and his team (as my team’s rival) I acknowledge the guy achieved much for the ages he managed Man Utd.

A lot has been said about the management style of Sir Alex.  Harvard Business School has management case study on the man.  Business leaders and managers can gain lessons on strategy, talent management, change management and building the right culture – just to mention a few.

I hold the view that the business aspect that is closest to team sports is sales. The sales people are like football players while their leader is equivalent to the team manager. Actually my belief is that  the best model of a great sales team is a winning football team.

If you built and managed your sales organization as a soccer club then the following sales management lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson will be valuable to you. They are not in any particular order:

  1. You can win things with the kids- if you know how;
  2. If you have a winning mentality even average people can be winners;
  3. Build the team around a core team committed to the course;
  4. Balance short term goals with long term goals;
  5. Even at old age you can perform, if the desire is still there;
  6. The skill will deliver only if there is discipline to support it;
  7. Create winners from a winning culture – not vice versa;
  8. Make the goal crystal clear, then drive the team towards it;
  9. No single champion can win more than a winning team;
  10. Be clear on what the team requires to win;
  11. Your love for winning cannot be above your love for the people.

Soon I will take time to expound on them. Keep it here.

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