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Sales Psychometrics Tests

Sales People with high sales drive will outsell people who don’t have them by up 90%. They stay in a sales position at least twice long as an average sales person

A Proven Sale Recruitment Process

But why go through long and tedious trial and error learning instead of selling and making money?  We have a sure way of converting your raw sales talent into an extraordinary performance power.

Cost Of Hiring Wrong Salesperson

Do you know how much it costs you to hire the wrong salesperson for your business ? Use this calculator to calculate all the costs including opportunity cost.


Before You Hire Your Next Salesperson, Talk To Us

We help businesses  identify and hire the right salespeople for your business saving you money, time and lost opportunities.Candidates hired through our process:

  • Start producing faster than average sales person;
  • They outsell other sales people of equivalent experience;
  • They cost less in terms of fixed compensation;
  • The last longer than other sales people in similar role in the organization;
  • Are more resourceful employees.


We use scientific tools to assess a candidates sales aptitude and their sales personality. We also assess their sales competencies. Based on these assessments we determine their suitability for your business, product and market.


Our Sales Psychometric Assessments can be used to improve your existing selection process. Many companies have applied the assessments in the shortlisting stage while others have opted them at the end of the interviewing process.


Whichever option you take you will reduce your chances of making the wrong hire by upto 70%.

Candidate Testing and Short listing

This is a service which helps you shortlist candidates who have applied for sales position in your organization.

Through the Sales Aptitude Testing we recommend candidates who are worth your consideration

With this service, you send selected applicants (probably selected on basis of minimum education and work experience) who have responded to your Job advert.

Selling To The Government

Sell Effectively to the National Government, County Governments, Parastatals, Constitutional Bodies and other Public Institutions


Modern Trade Selling
HORECA Selling
Van Selling
Key Account Management
Selling to Institutions


Selling to Hospitals Selling to Doctors Selling to Retailers
Time Management
Relationship Management
Self Management


Solution Selling Make Your Price Sell Managing the Buying Cycle Overcoming Buying Obstacles Selling to Key StakeHolders

SME Sales

The Super Achievers Database

This option is tailor made for organizations who want to cut through the chase of the recruitment process. The employer has an opportunity to get a pre-sourced and tested candidate recommended to their organization.

The candidates presented match the qualifications profile presented by the employer. If no such a candidate is in our database we can advertise on behalf of the employer at a fee.