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Sales Strategy Development
& Execution Support

Do you want to create a roadmap for sales success ? Or you have one that is not working as well as you would wish ?We will be happy tow work with you in developing one or support in executing it by refining it or putting in place all the sales systems, structures and resources required to achieve your goals.

Sales Consultancy
& Advisory

We provide expert opinion, sales audits and assessments as well as advisory on specific aspects of sales such as compensation, performance management, recruitment, territory planning, sales organization among others.

Sales Manager
as a Service
(for SMEs)

Your business may be in a stage where it requires a sales manager but doesnt have the resources to hire a fulltime sales head . If that is the case we provide you sales management services that can help you achieve your goals affordably.

Sales Strategy Development and execution

Maximize your business sales Performance capabilities

We help you identify and remove various bottlenecks that limit the achievement of your sales objectives by :

  • Identifying your hidden sales assets¬†
  • Create a Sales Approach that is right for your business and Market
  • Develop the Right Sales Management Structures¬†
  • Develop an optimal Sales Compensation Structure¬†
  • Carry out Sales Audits to identify sales bottlenecks in your system
  • Provide Sales Advisory Services
  • Create and Implement Sales Performance Management
  • Provide Sales and Sales Management Coaching

Sales Expertise

Our Expertise Cover Areas Such as:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Management Structures
  • Sales Compensation
  • Sales Audit
  • Sales Advisory Services
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Coaching
Selling To The Government

Sell Effectively to the National Government, County Governments, Parastatals, Constitutional Bodies and other Public Institutions


Modern Trade Selling
HORECA Selling
Van Selling
Key Account Management
Selling to Institutions


Selling to Hospitals Selling to Doctors Selling to Retailers
Time Management
Relationship Management
Self Management


Solution Selling Make Your Price Sell Managing the Buying Cycle Overcoming Buying Obstacles Selling to Key StakeHolders

SME Sales

Sales For SME Business Owners
Course (Sales XP)

The overiding aim of SalesXP is to help you understand exactly what you need to do to achieve the sales you desire, show you how to do it and give you the mental resourcefulness you need to turn intention into action. After all in sales it is not about what you intend to do but what you actually do that generates results.

That means even if you are a sales novice you will know and start doing what you must do as an owner sales manager and owner sales person.