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Targets Achievement Increased Sales Revenues Acquisition of Larger Accounts
Higher Profits Profitable Deals Bigger Deals


More Value From Clients Richer Pipelines Shorter Sales Cycles More Engaged Sales People Improved Closing Rates Happier Customers.


Better Territory Coverage More Decision Makers Engaged More Sales People Achieving Targets Reduction in Sales Team Turnover New Hires Start Producing Quickly

Results Speak Louder than Words

We Know You Want Sales Results. We Will Deliver Them Through Sales Training Courses That Work.

There is a reason why you train your sales people- to get more sales from them. That is why when we design and deliver our sales training the ultimate question we seek to address is how can this skill, idea, technique or strategy deliver more sales.

We are not an ordinary sales training organization. We are sales performance improvement experts. We train, advice and support you to succeed.

We have worked with thousands of sales professionals in Kenya, Uganda, tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda and Nigeria.

Sales Training Courses
If Selling is a Game We set the Rules

Sales Courses
to transform your Sales performance

Sales Training Course for Financial Advisors

Our Sales Courses Cover Areas Such as:

  1. The Science of Hitting Sales Targets
  2. The Art of Cold Calling
  3.  Strategic Follow-up
  4.  Pipeline Management
  5.  Closing Mastery
  6. Selling to Big Companies
  7. Selling to SMEs
  8. Relationship Management
  9. Showroom Selling
  10. Territory Management
  11. Key account Selling
  12.  Persuasion Strategies
  13.  Effective Sales Presentations
  14. Shortening the Sales Cycle
  15.  Lead Generation Mastery
  16. Phone Selling
  17. Mental Resilience in Sales
  18. Image Sells

Each subject can be trained alone or together with others in a modular format.

21st Century Selling Techniques

Loaded with professional selling skills, effective selling techniques for every sales person

Selling to Big Companies

The Best B2B Sales Course in the Market today

Strategic Account Maximization

The strategic way to penetrate, manage and grow high value accounts

The Effective Sales Manager

Turning Newly Appointed and Experienced Sales managers to High Performers

Selling To The Government

Sell Effectively to the National Government, County Governments, Parastatals, Constitutional Bodies and other Public Institutions


Modern Trade Selling
HORECA Selling
Van Selling
Key Account Management
Selling to Institutions
Merchandising General Trade

Selling to Hospitals

The course is designed to equip you with all that you need so as to sell more effectively, close sales and grow your hospital customers even the most difficult ones whether institutions or individuals.

Real Estate Selling

Solution Selling Make Your Price Sell Managing the Buying Cycle Overcoming Buying Obstacles Selling to Key StakeHolders

Sales Training Courses
SME Sales

Sales Course For SME Business Owners

The overiding aim of SalesXP is to help you understand exactly what you need to do to achieve the sales you desire, show you how to do it and give you the mental resourcefulness you need to turn intention into action. After all in sales it is not about what you intend to do but what you actually do that generates results.

That means even if you are a sales novice you will know and start doing what you must do as an owner sales manager and owner sales person.