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Selling to the Government

How to Effectively Sell to the Public Sector

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Sell Effectively to the National Government, County Governments, Parastatals, Constitutional Bodies and other Public Institutions

The government and its institutions are the single largest buyers in the market. They spend billions of shillings every year on goods and services. However, most sales people miss on this significant opportunity.

To most of these sales people selling to the government is a difficult if not an impossible task. They are put off by various procedures, laws and regulations that appear beyond their understanding. Many of them don’t know even the basics such as where to start or who to call.

To those who try many of them fail to maximize on the opportunities due to lack of knowledge, information and critical skills required winning business from the government and other public institutions.

But once a sales person understands the nuances of government sales, the opportunities are unlimited.

Selling to the Government Course has been designed for sales people at all levels who would need the necessary know how to sell to the various government agencies. The course covers the technical aspects, selling strategies and tactics as well as the human aspects of effective selling to the public sector.

The course is ideal for new sales people, experienced ones who would like to sharpen their skills as well as business owners who in most cases are the main sales people to the government agencies in their businesses.

The course goes beyond offering mere information to providing ideas and strategies to win in this lucrative yet sometimes seemingly incomprehensible market.

It covers both the written and the unwritten rules of selling to the public institutions.

The Course will be facilitated by sales experts who have sold to the government as well as those who have been on the buying side of the public institutions.

The course also provides opportunities to exchange ideas among the participants.

This is an opportunity for multiplying your results you cannot ignore.

Course Modules

Module 1: Legal Framework Governing How the Government Buys
Module 2: How Government Buys in Practice Government
Module 3: The Winning Strategy For Selling To The Government
  • How the Government Buys
  • Committees in the Buying Process
  • Prequalification’s
  • Tenders
  • Understanding the Tender Documents
  • Disputes Resolutions
  • Ethics in Public Procurement
  • Government Buying Situations
  • Government Buying Process
  • Key Buyer Influences
  • Working through the Red-Tape
  • Mastering the Government
  • Buying Cycle
  • Strategic Selling
  • The 3Rs
  • Prospecting
  • The Human Side of Government Buying
  • Common Mistakes made in Selling to the Government
  • Bid/Don’t Bid Decisions
  • Closing

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