SME and Sales Growth Strategies

SME and Sales Growth Services

1. Business Growth Plan Development (Sales Growth Planning)

The broad scope of this engagement is development of a practical business growth plan with detailed action plans.

The plan will be developed through a collaborative process by all the key managers and leaders of the firm.

The plan  seeks to lay a roadmap to maximize and leverage on all the opportunities, resources and assets of the firm while minimizing and removing the impact of constraints that hold back the firm from realizing its full growth potential.

The  plan will capture the following:

  • Sales growth targets;
  • The profitability growth targets;
  • The broad strategies for realizing these goals;
  • The execution plan detailing the activities and initiatives for executing the strategies on a day to day basis;
  • Assignment of roles and  responsibilities for the various activities and initiatives;
  • Performance measures for the execution of the plan.

2. Sales Structures Development


  • Set up a sales organization that runs independent of the business owner;
  • Formalize selling wisdom/knowledge so that it can be shared and put in practice by all sales staff;
  • Provide focused direction to sales efforts;
  • Provide tools to capture, track and evaluate sales efforts and related results.


  • General Structure
  • Sales Administration/Information System
  • Sales Reports
  • Performance Management System
  • Sales Process
  • Account Management System
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Meetings – Objectives & Agendas

3. Sales Academy

The Sales Academy is a holistic approach to sales competency development whose goal is to take the sales professionals from knowing to applying the skills acquired in their sales work.

The objective of the academy is to develop sales competencies of the sales team so as to drive sales performance of the individual sales people and consequently improving the overall sales results.

A well executed Sales Academy would achieve  the following outcomes

Business results:

  • Overall sales growth
  • Achievement of revenue targets;
  • Improvement in average transaction size;
  • Improved business value of individual clients;
  • Improved conversion rates of the pursued opportunities;
  • Improved margins.

Competency development:

So as to achieve its sales objectives a business require its sales team to have key sales competencies for selling its products to the market it operates in. Some of these competencies include:

  • Building and Managing a Healthy Pipeline;
  • Holding Value Conversations with various Buyers in the Client Organizations;
  • Closing Deals at the Appropriate Time;
  • Negotiating for Win/Win Arrangements;
  • Self-Management for Sales Excellence;
  • Mapping and Managing Relationships in Buyer Organizations.

Behavior change

By going through the academy the sales people will experience transformational journey that takes them from having knowledge of what needs to be done to making it become part of their selling habits unconsciously- from knowledge to Sales Mastery.

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