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How Past Participants’ Described the Course

……….Now I can take charge of my sales destiny……

……As an introvert I now know how to sell and enjoy it……

……………..So selling can be this easy .........…..
Are you an SME Business Owner who is passionate about your business?

You have great products and services but, not as much sales as you would love?

Are you an introvert who believe sales is not for you?

Do you dread selling?

Are you disturbed that your online marketing efforts don’t result into sales?

Are you frustrated by sales people who barely meet their costs?

If any of the above describes you then we have a solution for you -The SalesXP™.

The SalesXP™ is a sales and sales management course designed to help you as an SME business owner eliminate each of these challenges. 

The overriding aim of SalesXP™ is to help you understand exactly what you need to do to achieve the sales you desire, show you how to do it and give you the mental resourcefulness you need to turn intention into action.

Key Learning Outcomes

From beginning of the SalesXP™ Program we want to see you:

  • Generating more sales as you enjoy doing it. You have identified and embraced sales approaches that don’t make you feel sick of selling;
  • Having a sales success formula that you can teach your employees and partners and they follow it to get success;
  • Having started putting in place a sales organization that can generate sales even without you as the owner selling;
  • Uncover the precious sales assets that you didn’t know you had and start utilizing them to generate sales for your business.

Course Modules

Module 1: Owner Sales Person
Module 2: Owner Sales Manager
Module 3: The Effective SME Sales Organisation

Module Goal:

Help you embrace a sales approach that is natural to your personality (even if you are an introvert) and equip you with essential selling skills for an entrepreneur.

Module Goal:

Help you manage all your sales resources, efforts and activities so that they deliver highest returns.  You should no longer burn money on sales.

Module Goal:

Show you how you need to systemize your sales approaches so that you rely less on yourself to sell and be able to accelerate your efforts to put your sales into auto-pilot.

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