Do you want to learn how to double your Sales in 3 Months?

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Ideal Sales Maximization Challenge for:

Restaurants and Bars;Software Developers;Retailers e.g. clothing shops;Artists;Beauticians; Medical Clinics;Manufacturers;Bakers;Management Consultants ;Furniture shops;Food Processors;Garages.

Do you want to learn how to double your Sales, customers and Profits in 3 Months?

  • Are you approaching sales in a strategic way?
  • Do you have processes that ensure you have a continuous flow of opportunities?
  • Do you manage the opportunities in a way that ensures success rather that hit and miss activities?
  • Is your business designed to be effective in sales?
  • Is your business designed for effective sales and marketing?
  • Do you engage in soft sales efforts?
  • How well are you doing as the chief sales officer of your business?
  • How well are you enabling your customers to give you great referrals?
  • Do you know the real value of your customers and how well are you harvesting this value?
  • How well equipped are you to manage sales people in your business?
  • How well are you leveraging all the assets in your business to acquire and convert leads?
  • How good your business in getting customers is are make repeat purchases?
  • How have you proofed your business from the seasonality experienced in your industry?

For the three months we will endevour to:

  • Help you have a clear step by step process for driving your sales;
  • Show you how to generate continuous flow of business;
  • Give you sales performance strategies that require minimal resources to execute;
  • Answer your hard questions in relation to sales;
  • give you easy to use tools to manage your sales and sales employees;
  • Challenge you to optimize various aspects of your business so that you can get highest returns from your sales and marketing efforts and investments;
  • Show you hidden opportunities in your business that you have never thought your business had;
  • Help you put your sales on autopilot;
  • Double your sales.

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