Sales for SMEs: From Frustration to Flourishing

12 Dec
by Sam,

SME Sales Frustration – No Sales

You took a plunge into what you believed is a great choice. You started this business with a very clear aim to make it the best business you could have. You are a master of your craft. You have stuck to it for many months which have turned into years. Your business has survived. It has met your needs-sometimes barely doing so. Despite many times you have felt weak you have stuck to it. Many times you are frustrated. Your biggest frustration is that the business is not generating enough money.

Why does it not generate enough money? Simple. You don’t sell enough.

SME Sales Frustration – No Paying Customers

You don’t have enough customers. You rely on referrals for business but they are not enough. You try selling but since this is not your area you don’t excel in it. Other times you decide to sell but shortly you find yourself caught up in the ongoing inside the business.

To mitigate this you have resulted to hiring sales people. Every time you hire you are excited but shortly after you are back where you were. The early promise doesn’t actualize and you either fire the sales person or they also give up on you and move on. You move from despair to being cynical of the sales people.

SME Sales Frustration – No Sales Superstars

You wonder what you really need to do take to your business where it needs to be. Are there great sales people out there to help you bring the sales you badly want? Is there one or two tricks you don’t know about that could make sales come through? Is there something wrong with you that make your business not to sell? Are you doing anything wrong?  You wonder.


Maybe you should stop wondering and consider the following:

  • Are you approaching sales in a strategic way? Ways that ensure you have a continuous flow of opportunities rather than day to day pursuit of the opportunity that arises.
  • Is your business marketing oriented? Is everything you do marketing?
  • Is your business designed for effective sales and marketing?
  • Do you engage in soft sales efforts?
  • How well are you doing as the chief sales officer of your business?
  • How well are you enabling your customers to give you great referrals?
  • Do you know the real value of your customers and how well are you harvesting this value?
  • How well equipped are you to manage sales people in your business?
  • How well are you leveraging all the assets in your business to acquire and convert leads?
  • How good is your business in getting customers are make repeat purchases?
  • How have you proofed your business from the seasonality experienced in your industry?

These are just a few of the questions you need to answer to have a clarity on what you need to do to turn around your sales fortunes. In Growth Partners we have over 233 of such questions. By answering them you are half way through addressing your sales challenges.

After answering these questions you need to craft solutions to deficiencies uncovered as you answered the questions. Some of the solutions are easy and straight forward. However, there are areas that requires sales expertise to design the solutions.

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