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Green Selling: Social Impact Sales Course

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This Course Is for You If

1.     You are a Social Entrepreneur who is frustrated with uptake of your products and services;

2.     Work for Social Investment Fund and would like to see enterprises you have invested in experience sales growth;

3.     An NGO seeking to impact communities and livelihoods  through business;

4.     You are a Social Business Manager with responsibility to grow sales;

5.     Are planning to launch a social impact business and want to understand how to navigate sales and distribution challenges.

Green Selling:
Social Impact Sales Course

Social Enterprises work hard to develop products and services that are aimed at addressing many social problems faced mainly by people at the base of the pyramid.

Once the product is made the entrepreneur has the task to get the intended customer know about the value of the product, like it, want it and purchase it. This is selling. It does not matter how great a product or service is if it is not bought, it will fail to have the desired social impact.

The Social Entrepreneur therefore has the big task of not only innovating and inventing great social solutions but also selling the solutions. He needs to have a well planned, structured and motivated organization that get people taking up through buying his products.

The course Green Selling is a course designed to equip the entrepreneur with the WHAT and the HOW of building a social enterprise that will sell more, more often of its produce to achieve its intended social objectives.

Selling for Social Impact addresses sales strategy, developing a high performing sales organization and the effective management of sales function.

Green Selling
Course Content

Module 1: The Context of Selling for Social Impact
Module 2: Marketing that Drives Sales
Module 3: Sales Planning
  • Base of Pyramid as Consumers and Producers;
  • Tension between Social Mission Vs Selling for Profit;
  • Key challenges in Social Business Selling;
  • Determining the ideal Base of Pyramid Customer.
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation;
  • Marketing Approaches for Base of Pyramid;
  • Social Impact Marketing Mix;
  • Marketing Objectives for Social Impact;
  • Marketing Innovation for your Social Objectives;
  • Buying Decision Process at the Base of the Pyramid;
  • Why Sales Plans Fail;
  • Sales Plans That Work;
  • Aligning Sales Strategy to Social Impact Objectives;
  • The Process of Sales Planning;
  • Effective Execution of Sales Plan.
Module 4: Sales Channel Decisions
Module 5: The Effective Sales Organization
Module 6: Managing a Sales Force
  • Understanding strengths and deficiencies of various sales models;
  • Selecting the best sales model for Social Objective;
  • Creating Value through the Channel;
  • Pull Vs Push Channel Strategy;
  • Sales Channel Problems;
  • Channel Motivation;
  • Supporting your channels.
  • The optimal sales organization;
  • Sales Organization Building Blocks;
  • Sales Roles;
  • Distribution Channel Decisions and Design;
  • Territory Planning;
  • Tools for Sales Management.
  • Designing a Sales Force;
  • Sales Hiring Process;
  • Sales Force Development and Motivation;
  • Sales Compensation and Rewards;
  • Managing Sales Force Performance.

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