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The Sales Excellence Academy

As our sales recruiters and consultants go through the process of selecting great sales candidates for our clients (employers) we come across many young people who have the aptitude to excel in sales but employers shy away from them because they lack skills and experience.

These employers avoid unskilled and inexperienced candidates because they lack the know-how of developing un-skilled people; they don’t have resources or the desire to invest in training fresh people after hiring; they don’t have the patience to wait till a fresh person starts producing. This makes it very difficult for fresh graduates to get employment.

This is the challenge the Sales Excellence Academy is addressing. We want to select great fresh candidates and develop them to become highly attractive to employers.

The Sales Excellence Academy equips you with the selling skills, tools, and sales techniques that employers are always searching for in prospective salespeople. These are the qualities employers desire in a great new hire. They are the qualities that will enable you to start producing within the shortest time after being hired.

We know how to make it work

We are a Sales Performance Consultancy Firm with expertise and experience in both sales training and sales recruitment.

We have clients in manufacturing, telecommunications, ICT, trading, financial services, education, professional services, social impact, energy, engineering, distribution, real estate, FMCG among others.


You are eligible to apply if:

To qualify you will go through Growth Partners selection process.

Sales Excellence Academy is not an academic program.

You will have 4 weeks of rigorous training.

12 Class sessions – 3 classes per week;

Off-class assignments.

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