We Help Business Increase Sales and Address the Most Challenging Sales Problems

We have worked with hundreds of business owners, sales managers and sales professionals across tens of industries helping them address almost every form of sales challenge.

Sales Training

Our sales courses are about equiping the sales person with skills, techniques and approaches that actually work in real sales situations.

Sales Team Recruitment

We are the only recruitment firm in the market that specializes in sales people recruitment, we aare the only one that uses scientific tools to get only the best fit for our clients.

Sales Strategy Advisory

We help businesses develop and execute practical sales strategies that deliver real numbers even in some of the most difficult markets.

Results Speak Louder than Words

Upto 300% in Sales Increase; More Sales people Achieving Sales Targets; Reduction in Sales Team Turnover; New Sales Hires Start Producing Quickly; Improved Closing Rates; Bigger and Better Deal Closed; Increase in Returns on Sales and Marketing Spend

Upto 300% in Sales Increase

More Sales people Achieving Sales Targets;

New Sales Hires Start Producing Quickly

Bigger and Better Deals Closed

We have some of the most satisfied clients. This is what some of them say said about us.
E. Njoroge

E. Njoroge

TnT Mid Sized Business Owner

Growth Partners helped us achieve 300% increase in sales within 9 months by guiding us to develop and execute a sales growth plan.

T. Mohammed

T. Mohammed

Business Owner-Medical Supplies

"The last ten years we have worked with you have been great. During good and hard times you have helped steer our sales ship."

Jason Gichuru

Jason Gichuru

Sales Manager - Office Equipment & Supplies

Helping us achieve our targets during the pandemic when offices were closing was amazing.

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