About Us

Growth Partners is a sales training, sales recruitment and sales consultancy firm that will help and support you to achieve your highest possible sales results as well as address various sales challenges that stop your business from performing at its best.

We will help you identify and remove sales performance bottlenecks, optimize returns from your sales resources and identify unutilized and non-performing sales assets in your business. 

Some of the sales challenges you can talk to us about include:

  1. Having Stagnated Sales 

2. Too many opportunities not converting to sales

3. Losing business to Cheaper Competitors

4. High team turnover 

5. Weak sales management structures

6. Lack of Selling Skills 

7. Hiring wrong sales people 

8. Sales competitiveness 

9. New Sales people Taking too long to sell

10. Unengaged sales team

Some of the sales problems we can help address include:

Ours Sales Performance Improvement Solutions will help you

  • Acquire and Develop Effective Selling Skills;
  • Identify and Recruit Sales People who have the right sales drive and personality best fit for their business; 
  • Define the right sales strategy to achieve intended sales goals and objectives;
  •  Define the optimal sales structure to execute the sales strategy given various limited resources that most businesses operated under;
  • Advice and Coach Founders, Owners and Managers on how to lead manage and maximize sales results from their sales resources;
  • Use scientific tools to profile sales personality and other aspects that impact sales performance.

We have worked with SMEs, blue-chip companies, social enterprises and non-government organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda.