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Ways to improve your sales, customers and revenues ? Ideas that you can execute fast to turn around a struggling venture ? Experts who can guide you in building a high performing organization ? Trainers with a proven track record of delivering High Impact Courses ? Recruitment Experts backed by experience and scientific tools ?

Whatever your  situation is? Wherever you are in your journey of seeking  solutions that work you have need to take a pause explore what we offer and then talk to Sam (a highly respected respected sales  expert) at no cost. Sam will help you get a grip of your real  problem and may offer a roadmap to turn around your situation- actually turn your challenges into growth opportunities. All this at no cost.

Then you can consider some of the other products and services that we offer to help businesses perform at their highest business potential. We offer World Class Training Programs, Recruitment Services, 360 Degrees Consultancy to help you achieve the sales goals that you really want.

Sales Training

Sales CertificateNo other firm in the country offers better training courses like the ones that Growth Partners offers. We go beyond the theory to application of the concepts so as to get the results that you need. We know value the time and money you invest in training and we go out of our way to ensure you will get optimal returns on the same. Our courses are delivered both as open courses or as tailored inhouse courses.

Some of the courses that we offer include:

Selling to the Government

Strategic Selling Skills Training Course

Key Account Management Course

High Impact Management Course

Sales Recruitment

Whatever solution you try, if you do not have the right sales team your business will always struggle. That is why we have invested thousands of hours trying various methods of selecting and engaging top sales talent. From our efforts we offer the only comprehensive sales psychometric tools in the market which help screen candidates for the main ingredients that make the talent which is  aligned to your  objectives and selling context.

Have you ever thought of how much it costs you to hire the wrong candidate. You can do the math here. It is very expensive if you hire badly.

You can feel free to engage us on any of the following recruitment services:

Psychometric Testing

We test for the various elements of sales drive in the candidate which include their life outlook, motivational factors and behavioral tendencies which when combined determine how hungry the sales person is and what he is likely to do to get the desired results. With these  psychometric tests we can predict by upto 75% accuracy what kind of a sales professional a person will be.

If you are tired of hiring disappointments then you will always want to have this service at your call.

Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions

We source,screen, administer sales psychometric tests and recommend for further training. We could also offer on-boarding programs for new hires to help them start delivering results within the shortest time possible.

Talent Academy

In this program we source the fresh graduates who have the highest sales aptitude and right personality, take them through an essential selling skills training program and then over 3 months of being hired we offer coaching to get them become high performing  professionals. If you want to hire young, driven and skilled sales graduates you cannot ignore hiring from our Talent  Academy.

Strategy & Consultancy Services

Sales Strategizing in NaivashaThere is almost no single sales challenge we have not encountered and addressed in the market. We have helped businesses particularly Small and Mid Sized Businesses in the following sales areas:

Developing revenue growth  Strategies (One company grew revenues from Kshs 96Million to Kshs 300Million in 9 Months through our service);

Re-organizing sales force and putting in place  management structures that work;

Developing and Delivering  Performance Improvement Program entailing performance management and coaching;

Structuring remuneration and reward packages that motivates performance;

Results enjoyed by our clients

  • Revenue Improvement by up to 300%
  • More People achieving sales targets
  • Team retention
  • Higher Value Deals Closed
  • Big savings in recruitment costs
  • Coherent and focused revenue growth strategy.


Our clients are a mix of Large Corporates, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and International Organizations. We have had clients in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania. The clients are spread across many industries and sectors.

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