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We have worked with hundreds of business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals across tens of industries helping them address almost every form of sales challenge.

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Do you have One or More of these sales challenges?

·      Non-Performing Sales Team

·      Stagnated Sales

·      Low Conversion Rates

·      Losing to Cheaper Competitors

·      High team turnover

·      Unstructured sales approach

·      Lack of Selling Skills

·      Hiring wrong salespeople

·      Sales competitiveness

·      Long ramp-up time

·      Unengaged salespeople

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Are you looking for these sales Results?

·      Sales Improvement by upto 300%

·      More Salespeople Achieving Sales Targets

·      Reduction in Sales Team Turnover

·      New Hires Start Producing Quickly

·      Improved Closing Rates

·      Increase in Closed Deal Size

  • Increased Returns on Sales Investments.

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Training: The Best Sales Training Solutions

We provide you with the selling skills, techniques, and approaches you require to generate more sales for whatever product you sell in whichever market. Our training is guaranteed to deliver you more success.

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SME Sales Solutions

Are you running an SME where you are either the lead salesperson or sales manager? We know you may require the skills, tools, and techniques to sell more and manage your sales. We have tailored all our solutions to address the needs of SMEs.

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Short Sales Courses

Maybe you want a quick solution to a sales challenge. Or if you are starting out in business you need to figure out how to sell your product or solution probably before you perfect your business. We will help develop and execute your sales plan for your start-up

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Sales Recruitment

We are the only recruitment firm in the market that specializes in salespeople recruitment, we are the only one that uses scientific tools to get only the best fit for our clients.

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Are you looking for a strategy to get your business to where you want to go ? We help businesses develop and execute practical sales strategies that deliver real numbers even in some of the most difficult markets.

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Personality and Aptitude Tests

We help you identify salespeople who have the aptitude to excel in sales and the right personality for your products, customers, and market. We use these scientifically validated psychometric tools to develop and align sales talents for your existing employees.

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Social Impact

Social Enterprises and NGOs work hard to develop products and services that have a social impact. It does not matter how great a product or service is if it is not bought, it will fail to have the desired social impact.

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The Sales Excellence Academy

We scout for sales talent, equip them with essential selling competencies and place them with employers.
The Academy is open to all but you will have to go through our rigorous selection process to qualify.

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Success Story: Sales Strategy Development and Execution

From Kshs 96M to Kshs 300M in 10 Months

They got to know about us through one of our strategy articles. They got impressed by our simple philosophy of creating actionable plans over impressive academic pieces. They called us for a meeting.

Unlike many other people who call for our assistance, they were not in a crisis. Their business was doing well by many SME standards. They were working hard to achieve their dream turnover of Kshs 100Million in 2013. Although they desired it so much they were still finding themselves being held back by forces they could not explain.

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Success Story: Corona No Corona: We Have To Get The Numbers

How A Company In A Pandemic Hit Industry Achieved 94% Of Their 2020 Sales Targets

At the height of Covid the client called us to help them steady the ship in a very turbulent time in their business. Players in their industry were closing shop and those that were continuing most had very low sales

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Success Story: SME Sales Transformation

From a One Woman Show to a High Performing Sales Organization

The bulk of the firm’s sales was generated by the owner and salespeople who went out to pitch the firm’s products and respond to tender invitations that were advertised in the newspapers.

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