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You cant plough with a peacock

Sales Psychometric Testing to help you identify sales Candidates who are best match for your organization, Products and market.

The Sales Aptitude Test is an evaluation tool designed to objectively assess the critical qualities for success in a sales, sales management/ sales related job.

Candidates with high sales aptitude outsell people who don’t have them by upto 88 %. They stay in a sales position at least twice as an average sales person. This is because they are:

Self Driven and Motivated;

Not easily discouraged by setbacks, challenges and failures;

Easily move on from their failures;

Confident of their ability to succeed;

Turn success into fuel for more success;

Highly resourceful and solution oriented.

  • Among average group of sales jobs applicants only 2 out of every 10 highly screened sales candidates  will have these qualities. Unfortunately, these traits are rarely obvious. That is why candidates who impress during interviews fail to deliver at work because you cannot pick these qualities  in an ordinary interview session. 

  • That is why we use the Sales Aptitude Testing which has at least 70% capacity to identify the productivity potential of a sales candidate. 


Sales Personality Profiling

Each 2 Hour Session will cover one of the following areas:

  1. The Science of Hitting Sales Targets
  2. The Art of Cold Calling

Lumina Sales

But why go through long and tedious trial and error learning instead of selling and making money?  We have a sure way of converting your raw sales talent into an extraordinary performance power.

Resource: How to Hire Your Best Sales Salesperson

You don’t have enough customers. You rely on referrals for business but they are not enough. You try selling but since this is not your area you don’t excel in it.


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The most practical sales training I have ever gone through. 

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In this sales consultation you will:

  • Discover 1 or 2 easy to exploit opportunities for your business growth;
  • Articulate your current sales frustrations;
  • Get recommendations for the key causes for your sales challenges.

We will call you to evaluate whether this consultation is right for your business at this time and then schedule for the convenient date and time to meet the sales expert.

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