Now, Turn that Enquiry into a Sale

If you could double the conversion rate of the enquiries coming to your business what would it mean to your sales results and profits ? What would it mean to returns from your advertising budget? What would it mean to the returns on online marketing efforts?
Because they Want to buy, don’t hinder them
If your business relies on driving calls, emails, web visits and walk ins into your shops then maximizing the conversion of inbound enquiries should be your number one priority. A recent survey found out that over 83% of inbound enquirers are interested to buy before they reach out to you. This percentage falls to meagre 22% after they make a contact with a business. It is like businesses are designed to kill the desire to buy.
This desire to buy is cooled off by lack of skills by those handling the enquiries, systems that don’t work and general lack of appreciation of how enquiries are key to driving business.
Maximize your Marketing Spend and Efforts We once worked with a company that was running very expensive advertising campaigns on radio, newspapers and online generating over five thousand enquiries in one month. That was impressive given that they were selling high value products.

Unfortunately, out of those enquiries they had only less than four sales in three months. Their business was generally struggling given that it did not have any other sources of leads. We trained their people and helped refine some of their systems.
They got over fifty more sales out of these enquiries in less than a week. They were excited.
This is how This situation is not unique. Many businesses seem not to be well equipped to convert inbound enquiries. That is why we have designed the first of its kind training course focusing on enabling businesses maximize conversion of inbound enquiries.
In this course: We will develop the competencies that are key in handling and converting inbound enquiries coming in through phone calls, emails, social media pages, websites and walk ins.  We go beyond niceties and good manners to proactive sales strategies that make the customer buy immediately. We show you how to persuasively respond to enquiries and get purchase commitments while making the customers enjoy the buying experience;
We equip you with the strategies to turn enquiries into shop visits, meetings and product demos.
The Experts The course has been designed and will be delivered by bringing together the best of Dr. Lucy Kiruthu and Sam Kariuki. Dr. Kiruthu is an Author, a Daily Nation Weekly Columnist and Highly Regarded CX Expert. Her expertise has helped many businesses improve how they improve customer experience in various contexts.

Sam Kariuki is a leading sales performance improvement expert who has helped many businesses increase their sales even during the pandemic. He is the author of the highly acclaimed business novel- The Guy Who Fired His Boss. Both of these facilitators are SNDBX Experts

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